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  • Upload a photo of yourself here, if possible upload a photo with a light solid color background behind you ( example. a White wall ), you can also upload a passport photo.
  • Please upload a photo of your signature ( your name ). You can either take a picture of your signature on a plain piece of paper, or you may take a photo of your signature that is already on your ID card.
  • Please upload a copy of your valid driver's license, you can either photo copy your license or take a photo of it.
  • Terms of International Translation Issuance and Release of Liability: I understand that this international driver's license translation is in no way intended to replace a suspended or revoked driver's license from the United States or other countries, and I am not applying for this international driver's translation to use it as such. I understand that this international driver's translation will become null and void if a license is issued and the above is the actual intention of the applicant. I futher release IADC Inc. from any and all liability caused by any misrepresentation on my part. I additionally release IADC Inc. from any and all liability caused by an applicant's failure to comply with any local, state, national or international law. I further confirm that the license information provided is all true and correct. IADC Inc. will not give refund for any IDD translation.
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